Lamson Project Mailing Lists

Lamson’s mailing lists are hosted on
which is also written in Lamson.

You can subscribe to the list by sending an email to
with your first message. Remember that librelist posts this message, so introduce yourself.

If you want to read the archives for the Lamson list, you can browse them
here in a very very basic
form (soon to improve).

You can also get the archives for the Lamson list by using rsync:

$ rsync -azv lamson_archives

Be careful when you do this since that will get everything. It’s better
to figure out which month or day you want using your web browser and
then get that directory only.

IRC Channel

For people who don’t want to join the mailing list but still need help
there’s a #lamson irc channel on Come by and ask
your question, and stick around since it might take people a little
while to respond.