Downloading Lamson

You can get the Lamson source, read the source releases documentation to
find out how.

For people who can’t click the above link, and who still want the source code, Lamson
uses the Fossil SCM for managing its source code. To get your
very own checkout of Lamson, first go get fossil
and then do these commands:

mkdir ~/fossils
fossil clone ~/fossils/lamson.fossil
mkdir -p projects/lamson
cd projects/lamson
fossil open ~/fossils/lamson.fossil

Installing With Easy Install

Using easy_install is the easiest way to install, simply run “sudo easy_install lamson” and
it will do the work of getting the dependencies and setting everything up.

Installing With

Once you get the source, you can also use to install Lamson. First make sure that
you have Mako, and nose installed:

$ sudo easy_install jinja
$ sudo easy_install nose

If you refuse to use easy_install entirely then it is on you to find these projects and
install them how you see best. *Make sure you have the most recent version of all

Then you can use this command to install:

$ python install

Installing Into A Virtual Env

Read the instructions for installing with virtual env in the documentation section.