Lamson 1.0, BSD or GPL Licensed

Someone suggested that I post a blog post announcing the release of Lamson 1.0.
You can go grab the latest using your favorite method, and then I also gave everyone
a present by releasing Lamson BSD or GPL licensed. This means you can use it for
either type of project.

Go grab it from the downloads page.

Looking For Volunteers

Now that Lamson is 1.0 I need to figure out what to do next. I think what I’d
like to do is get some interested folks to take the project further. I
currently work on other projects and only sporadically work on Lamson if
there’s a major bug or feature. To me the project is fairly feature complete
so I haven’t been motivate to add anything to it.

Yet, there are still things that could be done. Documentation, bug fixing,
possibly improving the design, some extra features.

With that in mind, I’m looking to add some folks to the repository
and letting them go to town on it. If you’re interested, join the mailing list and let me know your ideas and what you might
work on.

Some of the things I think need work are:

But anything goes, as long as it’s not, “Switch over to git.”