Lamson 0.9.6 Sometime Today

I think I’m at a point where bounce detection and handling works really well and is
ready for release. I’ve got it running on the latest Lamson demo
and it works. I’ll be pushing out a new release of Libre List in a little while
that does some advanced bounce handling, and if that all works, then I’ll push
out 0.9.6.

This release will include bounce handling, the ability to change how state is
stored and maintained, the ability to route on the envelope rather than the
headers, and the full code to the site including Django Integration
which really isn’t “integration”.

The plans for the 0.9.7 release are to remove all dependencies on SQLAlchemy to make
it clear that you don’t have to use it, and any bug fixes. After that release, assuming
there’s nothing major I need to add, I’ll be doing the 1.0 pre-releases.

Shoot me email if you have questions, or hop on #lamson on to chat.