0.9-pre2 Up For Testing, Docs Too

First off, my apologies to everyone if your RSS reader went crazy today.
I include documentation changes in the RSS feed so that people can
easily track updates to the Lamson docs. However, that means when I’m
writing a lot of documentation it hits the feed repeatedly.

The good news though is that you can now get at the 0.9-pre2 release of
Lamson from the releases page and you can read the great
new documentation I’ve got.

Simply go to the documentation list and go through. You’ll
want to check out how to install Lamson in a virtualenv by Zachary Voase. You’ll
also want to read through the current draft of the getting started as it covers all the nitty gritty
things you need.

Migrating To 0.9

I’m getting the 0.9 pre-releases out so that people can start
migrating and feeding me problems they encounter.

I’ll have a full list of changes and some documentation on
migrating to 0.9. The main things that changed are covered
in the getting started documentation,
notably how Lamson is configured and how routing works. Routing
is the biggest change of all so read through it.

I’ll have documentation on exactly how Routing works and
how to use it too coming soon.

If you started using Lamson at the 0.8.x level and need help
migrating contact me and I’ll help you out.
Migration should involve just tagging your state functions with
the right route decorators.

Mailing List Is Dead, Long Live OSB

I really didn’t like the way I did the mailinglist example, so
rather than keep it alive I just killed it and will rewrite it
after 0.9. In its place is the examples/osb application which
is a One-Shot-Blog. You send it an email and it makes a blog
page and index for it. It’s simple enough for everyone to
comprehend and I’ll be able to cover it in documentation easily.

The OSB sample has all the right stuff for you to see how all of
Lamson’s features work, so check it out and use it as the basis
for your own applications.

You can get it by downloading the source and looking
in the examples/osb directory.

0.9 Probably This Weekend

I want to get all the documentation done for the 0.9 release
and finish the very last feature that it needs. I’m hoping
to have that in the next few days, at least by Monday.

The only feature remaining for 0.9 is a SQLAlchemy based state
storage, and maybe a shelf based one. Lamson now stores its
state in an abstract StateStorage class that lets you store state however you need.

Right now all that’s implemented is a MemoryStorage which actually works well enough
for most applications that you just start off, and is great for
unit testing. But, there needs to be a permanent state store